Productivity Hacks and How To Gain Direct Knowledge From Experienced Investors

Productivity Hacks and How To Gain Direct Knowledge From Experienced Investors

Depending on your personal situation and the resources you have available, a common solution could be to work towards the strategies that help build relationships with investors or the audience you are trying to reach while growing your education at the same time.

More than anything it can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Whether you are trying to build a freelance business or a personal brand it’s important that you make yourself visible and one way this can be done is to offer your service and work for free, in return you get an education and you may learn a lot along the way. Most people expect to work for a paycheck but skills can be just as valuable, if not even more so.


 I like the old saying

“give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

if you don’t have the resources to begin with, try to develop the skills on your own. You could potentially ask an investor if he/she would appreciate that you helped him/her deliver research, say you like to take pictures of properties that they don’t have the opportunity or time to do on their own and deliver it to them by mail. Another thing could be to implement this strategy with events, create real estate meetup groups and brand yourself in a wide range of activities to showcase expertise. Find group meetings in a city or location in the area you wish to grow your connections.

When you learn your personal values, you will learn faster if you a very selective in the way you manage time, this could be implemented with growth strategies for time management and create more efficient management systems.

When an investor wants to find a property that he or she wants to have researched, you could offer to help. This way you build a mentor relationship in a cost-efficient way and as long as you move in the direction that helps the area you wish to grow, you are moving in the right direction.

Unconventional but extremely time saving strategy

Another growth and time saving hack would be to use google maps, find the address of the house you find interesting and use the picture from google maps, contact the owner of the house and say that you drove by his house, attach the picture with the house and the road he lives on, in the mail from google maps.

Then the person who lives there will believe that you visited his/her home even though you never been there. This is very time efficient and is easily scalable. You could potentially use this strategy to find off-market deals.

Working for free without getting paid to learn

You can learn a lot from other people if you offer them something in return. Use your phone and offer video presentations of the property. Get your education through research, use a small amount of money to put in a real estate deal for a small amount in return, just to get a feeling on how real estate deals and trust between to parties is created.  Not all people have the time or resources to research hundreds of deals to find a hidden gem, so one should think accordingly and find out how much time they a willing to put into learning.

Most of what makes my work special are that I try to break things down to the core problems and find solutions in unique ways along the way. I try to do so with research, education productivity, etc. I’m very selective in the way I use my time because how and where you put your effort can turn results differently.

Learning hacks that enable you to get education from someone that is willing to show you how things can be done 100% 

See if you have the opportunity to experience a rehab first hand, you can acquire knowledge even if you don’t have the cash with proactive strategies on your part especially in terms of finding investors who are willing to share what they have learned.

finally, you should you use a vast majority of time reaching out and build new relationships one way could be to turn to social media for advice or help. It will help if you absorb as much knowledge as possible and you could use those same strategies to build credibility.  In meetup show your effort on a week to week basis to help grow your connections and relationships.

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