How To Find Clients and Grow Leads

How To Find Clients and Grow Leads

Who are the persons you are trying to reach? First of all, remember that you are trying to make friends so be completely honest with what you are trying to do. This does not mean that you can’t sell but it means that you should try to prevent yourself from selling too hard.

When you believe that your product or service has the ability to change daily lives, it becomes easier to connect and build relationships. Building a customer base from scratch is not easy, it requires a lot of time, the willingness to push and continue to find those who may be suited for what you offer and most importantly those whom are willing to listen. But what I found out is that people prefer when you talk about their challenges and what you can do for them, and a person will do business with you if they trust that you do the work, (proof) because it’s natural.


When selling & performing

When you invest time into your campaigns you could potentially try to practice like a stage actor to become better at selling. One way could be to practice body language, tone and become better at listening before responding to questions. The last part can be very difficult to learn especially when you try to do it on a regular basis. But being the last one in the room to speak often means that you have time to see how other people respond to different situations, this also means it becomes easier to act accordingly to a conversation.

Also, remember to stay confident and build confidence in yourself, you do this by assigning a task that you can reach and when it’s done reward yourself for accomplishing a milestone. This way you strengthen yourself mentally which will help you when you search new clients. So, forcing yourself to be an active listener means more opportunities to act accordingly. Then you try to motivate your potential customer by talking about some side products/side benefits, I believe this approach can help reduce the hard sell and how people respond due to psychological reasons.

Now with that said, you should also include research that can help you rank better on google.

Find out if your blog ranks for specific keywords that can be used to optimize your content and try to understand if you have the option to include paid ads or get your content published to later on increase organic traffic when you have made sure that your business model is sustainable.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your domain SSL approved?
  • Is your website domain friendly?
  • How fast does your domain load?
  • Do you have Google Analytics installed?


Keep in mind that you would like to track and convert. So, try to see if it is possible to pitch a free video to help people identify your content. You should also include outreach templates and repeat critical action that improves and communicates your message to other people, so you can build a custom pitch.



Mr., this product really is everything you want for your business. I tell you what. If you like to increase sales would it be ok if we kept in touch?


Have a priority list where you outsource projects to see if there are parts of your strategy that could be improved so you earn money. Also, try to find enough leads and see if you can implement sponsored post – use content marketing and referral generation to increase awareness.Try to target long tail keywords and dominate those to increase traffic and see if you can add value to other people’s blogs etc., When people start to recognize the value you bring, you will start to rank on google.

While reading this, try to realize that objection is something to be considered and often can be used for information gathering on how to improve your sales process, before you choose to give a presentation. If you talk to a potential client, first you let them know what you are doing, then create a sales process and use case studies preferably that is relevant to your target market.


An example

if you were sure that a product was guaranteed to earn you more money in the future, you would make ten minutes time for it, wouldn’t you?

Then ask how much they think it’s worth

Then, you can use a call to action in a case study (but the information must be valuable) and all you need to do is to drive traffic to your case study and create a geo-target landing page that can be used for your company. See if you can rank in high-value cities where you can pitch your product/services.

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