How Seizeinvest can help you grow

Access to a strong community where experience and knowledge is brought together can vertically grow an entrepreneurs connection and resources, for any business.

Make more money and avoid costly mistakes

Use our network to analyse deals, find your next business partner, ask questions and get questions answered, develop skills and learn from those with experience, as we assist and mentor each other with dedication in a community moderated by entrepreneurs. 

Expand your relationships and network

Meeting with likeminded people who intentional support and counsel one another unlocks opportunities where you successfully build a strong network.

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Introducing SeizeInvest Community

How does it work

Imagine having a network to help reach your business goals, that collaborate across cultures and ranging industries, and where the conversations a kept-on topic to ensure the quality of the meetings. An environment where you can commit to a plan and where we learn from the collective experience focus on growing results for each member.

Access from any device

Slack is a productivity chat tool that brings all communication together through organized channels where you immediately see conversations and not just highlights for messaging and filesharing. It’s also widely used in business and offers multiple integrations for a better costumer experience and effective communication.

Who is it for

The Community of SeizeInvest is for entrepreneurs who are willing to mentor one another and to those who see the benefits of participating in an environment where dedicated founders give and receive advice, to improve each others lives and careers, for great accomplishments.

Collaboration hub

Improving areas that help make progress in business and personal life should be one of the primary reasons to join our community. Helping one another and growing together, by addressing problems with the right perspective, makes us think wider and find the best solutions faster.


The coordination of knowledge and effort is particularly beneficiary in a framework as it allows you to reach out for expert advice using the skills of the collective to help further your goals.

Easy to use interface

It’s simple – slack is not only more convenient, it’s easier to use, manage tasks well and is better on a day to day basis. Furthermore, users have more control of personal notifications and can customize settings, per channel and user.​

Community channels

Our channels make conversations engaging as they are divided by topics and team members, can leave or join conversation as if they were in the same room. It also allows workflow to be operated more effectively while significant increasing the productivity of group conversation due to multiple tool integrations that saves time, gives a better experience and lets you focus on the things that matter the most.

Real time messaging

Build for communication and business, you can easily search messages and files, while creating service alerts for ongoing conversations and different topics.

Reinvent yourself

If you want to make the most out of your time and career, One of the most powerful tools is to be in an environment where people bring out the best of ones qualities as it makes you think faster and improve progress.

No physical location

Our community has the benefit of being able to be accessed anyway, as long as you have an internet connection and either a desktop or a handheld device, you will be able to join as you go.


Join our online commmunity today