Buyers Personas & Content Marketing

Buyers Personas & Content Marketing

Content creation is important and can be used to drive website traffic to your business, but you should also think about the ROI and where you put the content, be strategic and try to include data collection that describes the potential reader/buyer. Tactically you find that authentic communication helps readers familiarize with you as a person and you want to be the one adding value and be a meaningful contributor so people can emotionally connect which will help attribute each marketing effort between emotions and perceptions. You could monitor, create campaigns and optimize content towards those traffic sources that could drive conversion.

Once you have researched your buyers’ persona I would try to push high-value blog post towards the readers that would engage with your content and could possibly share it. I would also identify what aligns with conversion intent and define each level required to increase social or referral traffic.

Before creating your content you could try to understand 3-5 buyers in the areas that you would like to target and then find similarities. Then understand the cost of the content and the risk of writing it (ROI)


  • Time and energy used to produce the content.
  • Engagement and monetarily value
  • Strategic efforts and actions required to promote it. 
  • What kind of support data did you collect that helps support your decision making before you decide to take action and move forward with your project.

Promoting content is mostly about finding a distribution channel where you have an advantage that helps your marketing efforts.  As an example, e-commerce sellers can collect data and multichannel their marketing efforts accordingly. Platforms such as Amazon and Facebook capitalize on tracking data and use the same data to move buyers’ personas in their decision making. This helps the potential buyers feel more connected to the product or services you are trying to sell.

Another thing I would try would be, to make use of social listening and build target audience profiles accordingly. If, for instance, you would like to sell directly to a customer B2C you could focus your content creating and your marketing effort towards their day to day life and build categories of quality content that improves the areas that would be beneficial to them. Use a data-driven approach to research and information gathering and identify the person you’re targeting and their development time frame.

Development & timeframe – examples
1-3 month  4 -6 months 9-12 months (Identify what’s and needs)

Buying patterns

Your strategy should not only focus on creating content and promoting it but include a system that recognizes patterns or inflection points, that makes a powerful addition to your marketing plan. Looking at leads and relevant traffic, when you launch your website try to include differentiating content or include marketing efforts that complete the products you are trying to sell.

There are companies that put a lot of effort into content marketing because they see the inherent value of standing out but this effort works best after investing time and effort into research for long term results. As an example on SeizeInvest Online Marketing I include a lot of case studies and promotional strategies, including infographic and mindset around the core topics, I did this due to the underlying psychology and principles of learning.

It’s all about a balance and ROI, you can go to extreme length in one direction without optimizing in another so try to create content that has well-rounded strategies.

You can further highlight pieces of content to extract more intention towards specific subjects and areas you would like to sell after you identified what language your buyers use to describe their problems and hopes, try to think about behavioral attributes, goals, and desires that would be meaningful to include in your promotional tactics.

The right service in relation to your product

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do your research before implementing a marketing strategy. This also enables you to create a marketing plan that’s consistently and directionally in relation to the products you a trying to sell. Information gathering of your buyer’s personas is one thing, but you should also consider how you create awareness and deliver content that increases the likelihood for authoritative backlinks.

So, in the beginning, your best bet is to do your research and learn how you can create a strategy that can increase the number of people who search for your business and it’s products.

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