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I’m Mark and I’m the author/owner of SEIZEINVEST & THEMARKLLOYD 
I simply learned about this stuff because I had to and because I found joy and passion along the way, while I was fortunate to meet the right people that could take me there. 

You learn through doing but don’t get caught up in obstacles and speculation

Try to think about it for a moment. If you have a baby and it stopped trying to learn to walk, it would never be able to do so. The only way forward is to learn from mistakes, and with that comes more knowledge.

I’d attribute most of all the new things that I learned to the continuous effort in learning on the go and the valuable exercises I used from other people who had traveled the road before me. I found that people usually know someone who has an area of expertise that I can learn from and who have the beneficial knowledge to accelerate the speed of implementation of doing things.

Information and learning are not that different, if you use the same principles and patience while sticking to your plan, you will grow your career. The advice that can be given, can help you while you build side income streams and the content on your blog.

It’s not about money or fame

I am not motivated by money or fame and will never be. My primary motivation came because I have lived on both sides of the coin, meanwhile, I believed that there had to be other ways of learning instead of just taking an education to get a job. I simply learned about this stuff because I had to and because I found passioned people in the areas that I share. Most people are conditioned to work for an hourly wage and most want everything to happen right now, but patience is King, and opportunities are lost if you fail to be patient. Work hard, have a long-term plan, and try to position yourself in the best possible way to succeed.

As you read my blogs and learn about the resources that I share, try to find questions that you can answer and are worth sharing. This can help build your brand while you slowly work up the latter of influencers.

Use your blog to deliver valuable information, speak at meetings and expand your network while you use those skills you learn, with patience and dedication to gain traction in the industry you’re a going to pursue. It’s unhealthy to work just to earn a living, do something you enjoy, be different and learn how a blog may be beneficial to you and your online business.

If you want to start a blog, build streams of incomes online

I recommend that you read my eBook on Online marketing if you’re looking to learn how affiliate marketing, blogging, and email marketing can help grow your business.

It’s not an easy road nor is it a get rich scheme way of doing things, what I suggest is that you put time and effort into progress and create products and solution others may find worthy, and then when you look back it’s worth the sacrifice. 

If you choose to build a personal brand keep in mind that things take time and be realistic about the effort you are willing to put into the project.  Because it requires consistency and a lot of work up front.



I’m Mark and I’m the author/owner of SEIZEINVEST & THEMARKLLOYD 
I simply learned about this stuff because I had to and because I found joy and passion along the way, while I was fortunate to meet the right people that could take me there. 

Why I believe more and more millennials are seeing the benefits of renting and working from home

The generation and shift in mindset and perspectives means that working from home becomes possible for everyone who wish to put in the time and effort into sharing information. It requires upfront work, yes but there are plenty of opportunities for people who wish to work remotely or create side income streams that can earn a decent amount. Of course, it requires persistence and patience, but it also means that you will become more flexible, should you choose to move or make a career change. If you are looking to make a living the key is to offer quality work and find loyal clients who see the value in what you share, this is very important.

As an example, you could use Webinarjam to broadcast your experience in a live casting and stream your video to the public. It’s a great way to create information products while making a reputation for yourself.  

Writing & self-motivation 

There are a lot of writers out there, so being reliable and deliver work is something that can create engagement and entertainment at the same time for your audience. It’s very easy to get caught up in writing a whole day, but you should also balance reaching out and letting people know of the information and content you are trying to share. Focus on the efforts and on those users who will benefit, while at the same time finding solutions to their problems.  

To get there, learn to find clients who are willing to pay more, you do this by being more attractive to their needs. On top of that, you will earn passive income because you only have to create your content once, which means that you have more time for your kids, family and loved ones.  

Moving flexibility

Does your home put money into your pocket, month after month, even if you stopped working?

Millennials see the benefit of renting and working from home due to the flexibility it offers and because they like to move into cities. High student loan debt has prevented millennials form purchasing a home and income and family background can have an impact on the opportunities young people have to navigate. why I only believe these trends will continue to rise, the demand for apartment investing will increase as we have areas with limited supply. 
By contrast, apartment investments offer consistent returns month after month from tenants who need a place to live. 

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